Strutt’s North Mill School Visits

Visit Strutt’s North Mill and children will get to discover what life was like as a young mill worker, exploring both the site and the worker’s cottages.

Strutt’s North Mill tells the story of the Strutt family’s thriving cotton spinning industry and how a Belper mill apprentice became the ‘Father of the American Industrial Revolution’. Today, the mill is a key component of the Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage Site.

The mill is a 10 minute walk from Belper Station. Follow the walking route through The Clusters and discover the historic mill workers cottages. See the walking route in our Family Activity Walk from Belper Station.

The Education Day at the North Mill is easily adaptable for KS1, KS2 and Secondary school pupils. Our package is delivered by qualified teachers and we have a variety of activities indoors and outdoors that can be tailored and focused to your needs.

 A typical day at Strutt’s could include:

  • A walk around the watercourse and the river gardens and discuss water power: how it’s used and why.
  • Heading into the gallery and learning about the Strutt family, how the mill came to be and its importance in the industrial revolution.
  • Exploring the history of cotton – how it is grown and where, exporting and importing, uses of cotton.

Tailoring a day that’s unique to you, we’ll make sure your aims and outcomes are covered in a fun and informative way exploring everything from science and technology to social and local history.

Strutt's North Mill Education